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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yrkoon9
    Double fucking armbar that brown belt. OMFG would I love the opportunity for someone to try to Xchoke me in my guard. I would stop - redefine my faith - and then gleefully laugh like a little schoolboy as I double armbarred him very slowly...hopefully forcing them to tap with their foot.
    I have the same type of problem--getting choked when I have the guy inside my closed guard.

    I have tried to armbar the guy, but I cannot. I can't go to a high guard--by which I mean looping one of my legs over his shoulder--because he's smashing down into me with with his head really close to mine. I can pivot by stepping on his hip, but then I have the same problem--he's already stacking into me so hard, and his head is so close to mine, that I cannot pass my leg over his head to get the armbar.

    I always just open up and try to off-balance him with a butterfly hook. To the original poster: I know you *should* be able to armbar him from here, and everyone is going to tell you to "just armbar him dude."And that's probably the best way to handle this situation. But if you're an armbar retard like me, try working your hooks to get him worried more about his balance than the choke.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The best defense is a good offense. If he is too busy defending subs and sweeps, how is he going to attack with an x choke? In my experience the only time someone will try for a sub from the guard is when they are frustrated that they can't pass your guard, and don't want to stall, so they say **** it, and try to sub you and hope they don't get sweeped or armbarred. I've gotten the ezekiel inside someone's guard a few times on other white belts, but that was just me being stupid.

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