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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Jones
    Daito Ryu propaganda. However I'm not good at this Koryu stuff. Wheres plasma.
    Well, Daito Ryu is a recognized Ko Ryu, if you want to dsipute that (which many have) take it up with them.

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    Systems: jujutsu
    Date founded: mid-Meiji period (ca. 1890)
    Founded by: Takeda Sokaku
    Present representative/headmaster: Hombu-cho Katsuyuki Kondo (menkyo kaiden)
    Primarily located in: Tokyo; Hokkaido
    Source: (, a reliable place.

    I consider Daito-ryu as a gendai budo, cause the time of its foundation. Its roots in more ancient ryuha doesn't make it koryu.

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