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    8/28/2011 6:14pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I can say with certainty that HWD in Madison, WI is a very intense place to train. They are VERY thorough (though they don't focus on many traditional aspects, such as stances and other things that some beginners need to have shown to them) in their curriculum.

    Every class includes forms, grappling and sparring applications (every other week is free sparring however). The instructor at one of the dojos in particular is a very intense MMA fighter, so that might attribute to things. He's been training with HWD for about 11 years now I think. I've met him and he's a pretty cool guy.

    It's just a shame they're so commercialized and whatnot.

    Quote Originally Posted by IzzyDaHedgehog View Post
    P.S. The girl they had with them was hot. Hot girl, if you randomly stumbled across this post, register then PM me plz. kthxbye.
    What's interesting is that I have a close friend with that description who trains at HWD on the west side of madison (I'm on the east).

    I wonder if that was her? I would post pics but I'm a better human being than that haha.

    EDIT: I just realized this thread has been dead for years. Forgot I found this from the search function. =/ Apologies to the staff.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by inazuma View Post
    Every class includes forms, grappling and sparring applications (every other week is free sparring however).
    I just want to make sure I understand. You have free sparring every other week, I'm assuming one class during that week and not every class of that week. That would mean you free spar twice a month. Assuming you train on average three times a week. That would mean you free spar two times out of every twelve. Or 17% of the time. So you spend less than 20% of your time doing the activity you signed up to do. Is that correct?
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