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    Hello I'm a student at a high school and I am doing a project on engineering and product design. As a fellow martial artist I came up with the idea of making a machine that can tell you exactly how hard you punch/kick by striking a pad. This machine will also tel you how fast you can throw a punch and record how many punches can be thrown under a minute. These readings can tell you how stances vary a punch or kick. I request you participation in the following survey.

    1) Do you think this is a good idea?

    2) Do you think anyone else could use this (if so state who)?

    3) Is there any other uses for this product other than stated above?

    4) Do you have any other suggestions or feature for this product (if so plz state them)?

    5) Do you have any comments on this product?

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    You have to make it cheaper (under $20) and way smaller than current systems without infringing on any patents.

    Good luck kid.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    double posts suck!


    Keep it to just one thread please.


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