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  1. Happycrow is offline

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    9/01/2006 10:54am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Variation on Newaza stiffness thread: sambo, bjj, judo on ground?

    I'm curious. Haven't done any BJJ, though it looks like a lot of fun. Have gotten a few lessons from a bud who does sambo when he comes into town to own us, and I guess he's a mid-level player (didn't quite make the national team). How does the feel of BJJ and judo differ from playing a Sambo guy?


    EDIT: Search function involving term "bjj" nearly useless for number of times it appears. If this has been gone over and my search-fu stinks, pls. post a pointer, and thanks.
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    9/01/2006 11:14am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    My primary BJJ instructor is a former Sambo'er, and he's the most fluid and technical jitsuka I've ever had the asphyxia of rolling with. Of course, he's my size (around 155 lbs) so that probably dictates his style, as well as mine.


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