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    Quote Originally Posted by ACD
    i am not here to make enemies with anybody, just to prove that George Dillman is a good man
    1. How do you intend to prove that?
    2. Who cares if he is a good man? We don't care about his personality, but about the things he teaches.

    You can be Mother Theresa for all I care, but if you are teaching others that you can KO someone off by throwing a fart at them (or some other **** that defies the laws of physics and human anatomy), I will call on your bullshit regardless.

    Give Caesar what is to Caesar. A person's character and the validity of his teachings are usually two different things into consideration. In general, we only care for the later.

    So, if you are interested to prove to us that his teaching methods are true, go for it.

    If you are only here as a character witness, with all due respect, no thank you. We are not interested, and you are in the wrong venue for that.
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