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    Quote Originally Posted by ACD
    i am not here to make enemies with anybody, just to prove that George Dillman is a good man
    1. How do you intend to prove that?
    2. Who cares if he is a good man? We don't care about his personality, but about the things he teaches.

    You can be Mother Theresa for all I care, but if you are teaching others that you can KO someone off by throwing a fart at them (or some other **** that defies the laws of physics and human anatomy), I will call on your bullshit regardless.

    Give Caesar what is to Caesar. A person's character and the validity of his teachings are usually two different things into consideration. In general, we only care for the later.

    So, if you are interested to prove to us that his teaching methods are true, go for it.

    If you are only here as a character witness, with all due respect, no thank you. We are not interested, and you are in the wrong venue for that.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I found this ancient post after my son was searching for Chi balls on Youtube after he started training in Tae Kwon Do. And now I'm going to bump it. : ) It's great because, as you're about to read in my first post, I met Dillman when I lived in Reading PA as a kid, and have a few things to share.

    But first, some quick RECENT history about myself. After I left PA and moved to CA in the 90's, I trained here in Tae Kwon Do for over 8 years, got my 3rd dan, taught, then got married and gained too much weight and focussed on my business. Since my 11 year old son has now decided to get into it, I've joined him in a different Do Jo than I trained, and we both train now (we moved to a different area of CA). Both then and now, the studios are traditional Korean Tae Kwon Do - the first one was UTA and the current one WT(F).

    The owners were no nonsense, traditional, old Korean grand masters who return to the Kukkiwon frequently, who have a number of students in past Olympics and state Tae Kwon Do sport tournaments. I posted that info about myself an son to show that, I guess, I have some informed perspective and insight with my observations about Dillman as I remember them from way back.

    So here goes -

    The first time Dillman came to our community center in Stoney Creek swimming pool was in the 1970's. Yes Dillman is JUST that good, that he was ACTUALLY invited be the world renowned Stoney Creek Swimming Pool Community Center of PA. LOL!! There, he proceeded to have his students break 1" boards (a WHOLE 1"!!!) with various punches and kicks. Then the ubiquitous small slabs of cinder blocks jacked up with, way-too-thick, wooden dowel spacers at the extreme edges... The usual stuff. Far, FAR, too many went unbroken.

    THEN came the Chi balls and the holding of the sheets, with his students flying all around the great Stoney Creek Hall (about the size of an indoor basketball court). I remember a volunteer asking if he could be blasted with a chi ball and Dillman said "This is much too dangerous". After about 45 minutes of this, Dillman himself eventually picked someone out of the audience - who he declared, "Completely anonymous!" to prove he was the real deal. Wait, I thought it was too dangerous!? WTF happened to that!?

    You guessed it, KA-BOOM, er umm... I mean "HA DOOKEN!!!" and the man was blasted to the floor like a rag. The audience oohed and aahed. LOL! Later, after the event, I saw them all get into Dillman's caravan (basically their cars which they arrived in, in the side parking area) and I swear I saw that man leave with them.

    The final bit I saved for last -

    Eight years later, I'm hanging out with my friend Andrew D., who lived in the Kenhorst area. Across the street, I see a cyclone fence around the entire back yard of a home there in this nice suburban friendly neighborhood. I ask him wtf is going on there? And he replies "Oh that's Dillman's fence for his cat. Dillman lives there."

    Wait! CAT!?!? What kind of cat needs a cyclone fence!? Turns out Dillman had a BIG cat. Now it's been so long ago, that I can not for the life of me remember the type of cat, but I honestly believe it was some form of tiger! He said that Dillman was using the cat for his demos.

    The fence was something like just over 6'.

    Six feet. Now, I know what you're thinking and you're right. The cat got out. Seems tigers can easily jump something like 12 feet. Who knew? Somehow they retrieve the cat and Dillman later removes cat and fence. LOL! Brilliant. Maybe the Felidae (big cat) was just trying to escape the non stop chi balls of bullshitzu?

    There's one more item I remember hearing around that time. At one point someone purportedly tried to break into Dillman's house there, while Master Haa Dooken was asleep, and the way it was always reported was that he (Dillman) knocked the guy out with a vase or some heavy object. I’m SURE there had to be a great and loud Kiyap! I’m sure of it.

    Well, that's all I got on Dillman. It's a shame a guy who possibly *did* learn Kempo Karate has gone so far down the snake oil path. He should do like most Tae Kwon Do studios do and charge an arm and a leg for tuition, tests, uniforms, hogus, helmets, pads, mouth pieces, endless 'required' tournaments (sponsored by other fellow old Korean grand master cronies looking to earn money)... LOL!

    Thanks for the site, guys - it's pretty funny. My son found it, beyond searching for chi, when he calls out his friend's non stop bullshitting that THEY TOO train and are masters - at 10 years of age - as BULLSHITZU. It's amazing how many of these people come out of the work when they find out YOU train. Everyone is a black belt! He tells them they're black belt grand masters in BULLSHITZU.


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