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  1. Sam Browning is offline

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    Apr 2003
    New England

    Posted On:
    7/10/2003 9:59pm

    hall of famestaff

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    uugh, ninja and lawyer in the same sentence, I'm going to heave! Akida Kim flashback! (Oh please god, I never claimed to be a Ninja, BARF!)

    Seriously the advantage with doing it this way is if they ever ask a question in a deposition like "have you mentioned this lawsuit on any websites" and you have to fess up about this exchange under oath, all that gets disclosed is what they already know and they don't get a good line into your thoughts. Of course theres always the saying "my legal advice is free and your get what you pay for"

    (giggles like a girly man)
  2. jboler is offline

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    Jul 2003

    Posted On:
    7/11/2003 8:37am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I need to scan the original complaint into a PDF file first, then I will post a link to it. I do have a copy of my response, however, most of it was "denial for want of knowledge", being that the complaint only lists me as the "publisher" of the article in question, and not the author. Also, the other portion of the complaint concerning me is various posts that were put up on E-Budo. The complaint lists me as the owner of that site, therefore responsible for their content. Apparently, Rod and his attornies have very little research abilities. It wouldn't take a whole lot of effort to find out who in fact owns E-Budo.

    The case is beyond frivelous. We recently won a motion to have it transferred to the proper venue. Since then, no one has heard from Rod or his attornies.
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