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    Mostly, I just sit here. Mostly.

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    7/05/2006 2:29pm

    hall of famestaff
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd



    These tears are tears of laughter.
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    1% Shark is better than you.

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    7/05/2006 2:32pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by dark_paladin
    What's stupid about it? I've seen you on these rinky dink "throwdown videos" you're nothing special. As a matter of fact I've watched most of the videos on here and I wouldn't get to worked up by most of the "bad a$$" on here. Most of you look like a bunch of insecure nerds trying to show everyone in cyberspace how tough you are. The problem as I see it is no one on here likes to be challenged. You guys think because you've stepped in to the ring a couple of times you are some sort of bad a$$es, undefeatable on the "street". Man if you guys went down into some of the bad areas of Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, to name a few places, you get your butt handed to you. This place does expose sh!t. You guys are as full of it as the people you try to expose. So what kidspatula you like violence, why mommy and daddy don't love you enough? You're just a punk kid that can throw a few kicks, keep in mind you are still female and pound for pound a man is going to thrash your tail every time.
    I think most of the people on here are trolls and the few people who do fight a little throw together little compalation videos that make them look tough. Like the video of the Asia guy beating up someone half his size, real bad ass!
    Me thinks I have wasted time joining this group.
    lol I wanted to quote this one because I used to train in one of the rough parts of Atlanta! Sometimes we would have to do wind sprints on the road or just long runs. So I was actually training "0N Th3 Str33TZ" for T3h R1NG! Ponder that irony for a minute.
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