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    What's in a name Enshin vs. Judo

    I know there aren't many people who pratice Enshin on this planet let alone the board, but I'm sure I may find an answer here.

    In the Enshin curriculum there are a decent amount of throws Ura Nage, Tsuri Komi Nage etc. Now, I assume they would be pulled straight from Judo seeing as the founder, Joko Ninoiya, was a Judo blackbelt. But the Enshin names for the throws are all different from the Judo names, some slightly sn some are completely different. For example in Enshin:Ura Nage -> Judo:Osoto Gari, Enshin:Tsuri Komi Nage -> Judo Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, Enshin:Soto Gake -> Judo:Kosoto Gake.

    So my question is: Why the different names? I know that the names don't really mean anything as far as effectivenees goes but, I just find it really weird that the names would be different.






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    My guess re: ura nage (back throw) is that the Enshin name was altered so that it will be seen as a related technique to omote nage (front throw), i.e. both throws use a hooking leg which drives back against the opponents the leg.

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    The japanese tend to name things by their characteristics or by a "feeling" the techniques have.

    When Kano took techniques for the Kodokan he also changed some of the names of the techniques in the various schools as well.
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