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    Jan 2005

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    5/22/2006 3:12pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Empty.Hands
    Yeah, when i asked the uke later about his training in Muay Thai he told me "My teacher tought us the best way to break bones" I knew that he was full of **** and in a real match I would own him like a slave in North Carolina in 1840. I may just take your advice.

    BTW, Mad icon love for you... I always thought Pete Nice was the more talented one of 3rd Bass. Pop Pop goes the Weasel....


    Thanks, same here that is why he is the one facing forward for my AV.

    Anyway CK is right. People always want to be right. One thing I always tell people who are acting out is, question me after I'm done demonstrating.

    I know I don't have everything correct. I also know there are better ways to do things. If, you really want to prove me wrong lets do it in the right enviroment. Teaching is the wrong time even if it is an improptu session.
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    5/22/2006 5:57pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    At least they know what you taught works against a non-compliant attacker. :icon_wink
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    5/22/2006 9:13pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'd have gotten out the gloves. Any time someone makes a statement like that, it's up to them to prove it. If he wins, then you should humbly acknowledge he was correct and learn from him.

    In the (more likely) scenario that you show him complicated **** doesn't work, he should shut his gob and listen to good instruction.
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