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    stopping the transition in side control?

    OK, pretty new and crappy to the BJJ thing. One of the many stumbling blocks I'm falling on is escaping side control. I make like a good cockroach-of-the-sea and get my hips out, pulling knee to elbow. Then, Shazam! They spin thru N/S and are on the other side. I've been trying to get my top leg butterfly hook in, but usually they block it out.

    Any good ideas or sweet answer all my questions vids on youtube that I'm missing?


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Escaping side control is initially (or maybe always) one of thte hardest things to do. If they're spinning around to N-S and then the other side the easiest way to prevent that is to simply block that hip with the arm on that side. There are a few subs they can work when you do that but they're easily defended.


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