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    Difference between Kake/Gake and Gari

    What is the difference between Gake and Gari? I noticed that some techniques are called Blah blah blah Gake but look very similar to the gari version.

    There is a technique called Soto Gake which looks suspicously similar to Kosoto Gari, I then checked judoinfo.com to compare the techniques. And they still looked very similar to me. I then found both Kosoto Gari and Kosoto Gake. I know one mean reap(gari) and the other means hook(kake/gake).

    So tell me what's the difference between these 3 techniques:
    Kosoto Gari

    Kosoto Gake

    Soto Gake

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    Kosoto Gari sweeps the foot from the side, gari = reap
    Kosoto Gake hooks behind the foot, gake = hook

    Soto Gake same as Kosoto Gake, ko-soto means "minor" or "small" "outside" while soto just means "outside".
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    What White Boy Jujutsu Guy said


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