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  1. Cheng is offline

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    May 2003
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    5/14/2003 12:57am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    So, is it right, or is it wrong, do you think? Have you ever taken any whether it's just vitamins or if it was creatine? What were the effects? Did it slow you down enough to notice? Stronger? And lastly, most importantly, do YOU think that drugs should be used? Is it what we would call "fair" or is it something that makes us become a person that uses something to achieve something that we could not naturally get, thus making it "cheap."

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    Jan 2003
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    Posted On:
    5/14/2003 1:01am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    You have 2 posts, both on drug and supplement use.

    Are you looking for potential customers or something? :)

    El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"
    The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
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