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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dagon
    While it is a great idea to mix traditional with MMA (both tend to have radically different ideas, but are part of the same debate), this guy is still an idiot:

    Are you the reincarnation of DagonAkujin?:hello:
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Shard
    WC has some very vaild techniques and theory. Only problem is, they fucked up badly somewhere along the line.

    Good: Center line concept. Bad: Their application is basically non-existant. Weak chain punches? Chi sao? Thats not application, thats just stupid.

    Good: Chain Punching Concept. Bad: Over Emphasis of speed over power. What you're left with is a bunch of slaps. The theory is, you attack so much that the opponent has now way to block. Why block when all your doing is irritating me? The Victor vs. Wanderlei match is a great example of chain punching applied properly. why can't WC learn something from this?

    Good: Valid Trapping Techniques. Bad: Again, you barely even see them use this. I've seen Wing Chun trapping that makes most MT clinches look like a hug. But... Sticky hands are more important.

    Thats just the tip of the ice-berg. As long as wing chun-ners decide to continue on their current path and allow WC to deteriorate the way it has been for the past few decades or so then fine... Your loss... not mine.
    Good post Shard, agree w/ you here.
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