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    Johnny he PMed you cause he can no longer post in the armory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wataru Akiyama
    ...why, then, should one learn the Martial Arts? First off, one should not have to hit others with one's fists should an arguement occur. Persons such as these should not be allowed 500 metres near a firearm to begin with. Secondly, one can get all one's exercise from the gym.

    One has no need to bring themselves within punching\grappling range with a weapon. One can stop a potentially dangerous conflict if one so wishes to do so, despite the consequences, by drawing their arms, although this is not recommended and is a potentially foolish move if the other party is also armed in the same fashion.

    One need not worry about having a gun torn from their grip as I personally believe that any good gunman will carry several guns on his person at all times along with the tools and ammunition for the aforesaid weapons.

    Therefore I claim that knowing an MA and carrying a projectile weapon is redundant.

    Feel free to rant and rave over my "stupidity" concerning this.

    Edit for typo and grammatical error.

    Please step up to the front of the line for your complimentary shut the **** up
    "We spoke to them in the only language they understood: the machine gun"

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