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    Movie Review: Judo, The True Story and Legend (1997)

    Movie Review: Judo, The True Story and Legend (1997)

    I recently received this movie from Netflix and thought I should write a short review for everyone who had not seen it.

    Over all I think it was a good movie. It starts, as it should, with Kano and the creation of Judo. Next, and my favorite part, the movie exposes the Bullshido in early Judo and how these myths were used to spread the sport. If you think pre-WWII Judo was the height of Judo, you should watch this movie and you might have to reconsider that opinion. The movie has many old videos that any grappler should enjoy. In addition, the movie had a whole section devoted to women’s Judo and the rise of non-Japanese Judo.

    I do not what to spoil the whole movie for you, so I will just say that it is a good movie, with many vintage videos. I think everyone would enjoy it.

    I posted this in Martial Arts History Project because of the vintage grappling clips and because it is a history of the sport.
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