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    8/12/2007 8:34pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas
    What do you mean? I read your post where you said that I was talking about Karl Gotch when I was talking about Farmer Burns. I also read where everyone corrected you, but you never apologized nor did anyone actually say "Farmer Burns", so I made my post to set the facts straight.
    Apologize!?! You was all, then I was all, then you was all.... damn, you sound like some Air Force Bitch that posts homoerotic pics of herself for everyone to see... oh, wait, am I gonna have to apologize for that too?

    Shut the hell up, poge.

    P.S. Oh, & that lil' simple line Punisher tat has gotta be the most REMF gay **** I've ever seen. You should get that covered up with a flower or something.
    Last edited by Jim_Jude; 8/12/2007 8:41pm at . Reason: addition to the mockery
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    2/20/2009 2:38pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    For the past several years I've been following Christopher Sommer and www.gymnasticbodies.com. Great group of exercises, and my strength is going up. I made my own rings from Home Depot stuff. His initial pitch is that he has guys who have never done freeweight training who, in their first time at the gym, do crazy amounts of weight from their gymnastics background. Here's the link to his first articles which started it and his claims. http://www.gymnasticbodies.com/articles.html. Thoughts?
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    2/20/2009 5:49pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
    F... Christopher Sommer and www.gymnasticbodies.com. ...
    No pics of Sacramone ... just some stuff about muscly shirtless young men.
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