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  1. roly is offline

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    Apr 2005
    sydney, australia

    Posted On:
    3/28/2006 3:47pm

     Style: judo, karate, jap jj

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    dont forget to check out grappling arts as well as striking arts

    bjj judo wrestling are generally full of sparring with a fast learning curve
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    3/28/2006 7:56pm

    Join us... or die
     Style: Kyokushin and Judo.

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by gravious
    When I was still doing karate, I visited my local kyokushin dojo to make sure that I wasn't missing out on something better than the obscure style I was learning. Where I was training we were sparring (even white belts) every week for at least half an hour. Yes, it was point sparring, but at least it was semi contact.

    At the kyokushin dojo I was sorely disappointed. It was tiny, crammed so full you could hardly move. I accidently kicked a girl when we were doing roundhouse kicks. It looked like those photos of the Go Kan Ryu dojos. Training consisted of doing techniques across the dojo, kicking and punching the air. They had heaps of partner equipment around the place, but didn't use it at all.

    I asked about sparring, and they said they sparred once every few months.

    After all the talking up of kyokushin I read here I was shocked.

    Obviously not all kyokushin dojos are the same, but just because it is kyokushin doesn't mean it is automatically good.

    Thank god I got my **** together, dropped karate, and ended up where I am. BJJ, MT, MMA and wrestling, all at the same place, for the same amount I was spending on karate and judo.

    I'd live there if I didn't have a family to spend time with.

    Holy **** Gravious, this is news to me.

    Your in Sydney ? Where was this bullshit Kyokushin dojo ? Tell me. I must know.

    Also, where do you train MMA now ?
    Hannibal: The sworn enemy of dishonest politicians, source of entertainment on Bullshido and newly appointed Office Linebacker. Terry Tait ain't got **** on me !!!!
  3. gravious is offline
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    Posted On:
    3/28/2006 9:16pm

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     Style: MT / BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The Kyokushin dojo I visited was at West Ryde.

    I train at Sinosic-Perosh now. I also travel frequently to the Gold Coast and train with the local Will / Machado affiliate there, Vince Perry at PUMMA. Great bunch of people, both at SPMA and PUMMA.
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