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    AVOID www.ironpalmarts.com

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to alert the community to recent activity with a company called www.IRONPALMARTS.com

    A while back these guys came to another forum and really showed how low their characters were.

    They claimed many things including that they were trained at a shaolin temple in georgia and in true keyboard warrior style called out many of the martial artists in that forum. Once their identities were outed with accurate location information posted they cried and whined, threatened to sue if someone roughed them up etc.

    They eventually were ban from the other forum, but they continue to try and get around the ban and troll.

    Since I know this stuff is write up your guys alley I thought I'd let you learn about their secret iron palm training with thier massaging shower head.

    Check out their forum on their site and tell them what you think. And warn others to stay away from these less than honorable business people.

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