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  1. Ken is offline

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    4/20/2006 6:25pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Efro
    Does anyone know if the TKO gel wraps are any better? http://store.bestbuymas.com/tkoprogelha.html:eatbabies

    Those are HORRIBLE. You get them on quick, or perhaps even quicker than even the Everlast ones, but they come on crooked and have this weird gap and notch on the underside of your fist that looks and feels downright goofy. You'll notice all the photos of that product are shown from the top of the fist, not the underside, probably for that very reason. Perhaps the only advantage is that they're very easy to wash.

    I use the Evergel ones... they're not that bad, and they do what they're advertised to do.... EXCEPT, I wouldn't use them for bag work alone or even speedbag stuff for too long... the fraying that many people experience from them is often a result of that. Also, if you shove them into focus mitts that are too tight, it also wears on the fabric. Also, don't set your washing machine to ultraturbo, and make sure to air dry them flat... put them in the dryer and it's like death to the gloves.

    When they fray, you just see this blue squishy... gel thing. Kind of like those mousepad or keyboard gel wristrests. Doesn't leak or anything.

    I've used three pairs of these for about a year and a half... the quality and durability does seem to vary, getting better each one.. maybe they updated the design, or I just got better at taking improved care of them.

    THAT'S my review. :blob1:
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    4/20/2006 10:32pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    you guys need to man up and just use wraps... in 3-4 years ive had 2 sets of wraps, and one of those was already well worn when i got them.
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    4/20/2006 10:36pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm missing both the skin off my knuckles, and progressively more of the inner lining of the gel wraps after using them on the heavy bag. Definitely use bag gloves with them.

    But they've been great so far for helping my hand heal while continuing to grapple.
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