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  1. MuKen is offline

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    Posted On:
    2/10/2006 1:17am

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Also, if all else fails and you are getting passed, you can often abandon the rubber guard and secure the lockdown.
  2. Sean is offline

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    2/20/2006 9:33pm

     Style: Kyokushin

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Gumby
    I use rubber guard pretty frequently, so I'll try to explain how I do it anyways.

    First off, you should try to set up the rubber guard from the full guard after pulling your opponents base down- its makes the setup for rubber guard safer.

    As far as your opponent simply grabbing your leg thats resting on the waist, he shouldnt be able to do that. *IF* you are lazy with that leg and just let it hang, he can simply step over the leg, so you want to make sure that even though the other leg is drapped across his shoulders, make sure you "walk" the other leg up as high as you comfortably can. If your opponent attempts to reach for anything, that is often the time for you to attack with which ever you want- grab his wrist and push it in between your legs and jump for a triangle, or even grab the wrist and try to sit up for a kimura attempt (which would abandon the rubber guard)

    In this instance, you also have the option of pushing his arm through and jumping for a triangle. If you dont want to do that, try to regain inside control via pummelling (swimming your arms inside his to get underhooks).

    This is also a prime opportunity for an omoplata as well- omoplatas are difficult to do when your opponent controls your hip opposite the arm you are attacking. In the situation you described, try pushing his head to the side and look to set up the omoplata- it seems to be working for you.
    The above mentioned strategy are working for me more or less.Thanks everyonefor the advices .
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