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  1. Cdnronin is offline

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    1/18/2006 1:07pm

     Style: judo, parenting

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Jack Dempsey's Championship Fighting

    Bring money. Excellent book covering Dempsey's training methods and techniques.

    You can find it online with a little effort.
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    1/18/2006 3:22pm

     Style: BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'll second the Mark Hatmaker series. He writes simply, and the horde of pictures make his material easy to understand.

    "Savage Strikes" was a good intro book that gave good ideas on training combos and various "misc strikes". The fact of the matter is that the book helps as review and for inspiration...since someone with no experience in boxing will hardly be able to figure it out from a book. I also really liked the various inserts and sneaky strikes, and even though he'll probably track me down and beat me senseless...a lot of his insert combos are identical to Kempo combos.

    I particularly liked his grappling series because my old BJJ school didn't teach ****...they basically showed one move for a minute or two, then released everyone to grapple for the rest of class...at which point the bigger and/or advanced students would ego-slap all the new guys. None of my grappling partners would actually WORK with me...they all insisted on trying to tap me out as fast and creatively as possible. For those of us with basic grappling knowledge who were undertrained but expected to compete with advanced guys, the books really helped to increase my arsenal.

    In fact, its kind of funny...most people say, "Learn from an instructor, then review from a book"...I ended up (for a few submissions) "Learning from a book, then applying during live grappling."

    Emevas, grab a classmate and try out the submissions in those books. You have enough natural athleticism to figure them out...so you have no excuse for not purchasing them :p
  3. Shillelagh is offline

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    1/18/2006 11:07pm

     Style: Jujitsu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I like alot of the books already mentioned(Championship Fighting, Savage Strikes, etc.) So I'll just mention:

    "Essential Karate" (It's been the Judoinfo.com of Karate for me, in terms of reference)

    "The Fighter's Notebook" (Not really for the striking, though, so this probably doesn't belong)
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