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    1/09/2006 6:54pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by I Choke You
    One time, I fell on pavement....
    Taking that into account...

    One time I crashed my BMX and flew through the air at about 35kph. I brought my arms up and took the impact on my elbow and ripped a nice chunk off. If I landed on my face....I'd be lots uglier.

    I'd say blocks work. Oh yeah, I've also blocked strikes. I guess they work. better than getting hit, for sure.
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    1/10/2006 11:33am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vik
    I know it's off topic, but I'm wondering, is blocking realistic in real life? Can you actually block a punch or kick without having your bones blown to ****?
    Are you better off dodging/avoiding shots than attempting to block em?
    Well, depends what you mean by block. If you want to divert/deflect a strike coming in, it shouldn't be a problem with some speed and a little blocking surface conditioning. However, if you're talking about stopping a strike outright....well....you better be a big sumbitch with the last name Kong.

    I notice TKD is one of your styles, so let me explain it like this, using one of your four basic blocks:

    Good idea - using it to block a straight punch...maybe a hook if you turn your body right.....his force is coming more or less in a straight horizontal line, and your force is coming straight up vertically..you aren't trying to fight or stop his energy and your not hitting his striking surface
    Bad idea - using it to block a downward strike or baseball bat or whatever....your forearm/wrist is slamming more or less straight into either his striking surface or some thing in exactly the opposite direction..lots of hurt and maybe broken **** for you

    Also, don't practice too much blocking by itself. Train & think about some sort of immediate counter as soon as your block connects - i.e. high block immediately followed by rev. punch or slide in & elbow or something

    Hope this helps, and anytime you wanna talk applied TKD & HKD, just buzz me if I'm on
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    1/11/2006 2:32pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    ICY, I assume you must change up your strategy with training partners with whom you have practiced before, or are you referring to your strategy for the first time you work out with someone or in a self defense situation?

    Just wanted some clarification.

    I've worked out in smaller clubs and a bit larger clubs. In the smaller clubs you get used to what combinations people like to use pretty quick, so it does force you to change things up a bit. Also a great reason to go out and find new sparring partners.
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