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    5/22/2008 11:34pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by purebjj
    SoulMechanic - sorry to flame you, Mate. Thought you were agreeing with some of the ignoramuses on this thread. Can't believe some of the comments here, honestly.
    all good my fellow San Diegan. Reppin North County here. Also I agree there is an abundance of morons in this thread.
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    5/22/2008 11:37pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I heard on a Christian documentary about a pre-Christian sect called "The Brotherhood of Light" who had a VERY exacting MA manual and lived in a sort of "hive" of cells in the desert. All that survives is their manual (or maybe parts) and their home.

    I tried googling them and only came up with creepy new age crap.
    What am I?:

    I am ignorant, thieving, lying, hypocrital, violent and thoroughly self obssessed. I steal from others to make myself look better, only to make the item or information worse.

    I go on and on and ON about how brave and strong and brilliant and wealthy I am, but in the end I'm all mouth and no trousers.

    That's right children, I'm your average AMERICUNT! and I exemplify AMERICA!:911flag:


    JohnnyCache's "retort" proving how much he knows about medicine and geography and First World countries:

    Yes, through persistent lack of work and the cultivation of ignorance, he is a true American.
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