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  1. Genghis Bob is offline

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    Aug 2004

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    9/22/2007 8:47pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by photofinish
    Gengis Bob / Bob Goffeney - you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop lying for that man.
    Photofinish / cleartheair / blowthewhistle /myeyesareheavy:

    You must be aware by now that anyone who subscribes to this thread can get an e-mail of each post. Hereís the text of your original post, sent to my inbox before your edit:

    Quote Originally Posted by photofinish
    Hey Bob Goffeney, i was told about this site for a while and then i took a look at it. Gotta say, you're on a sinking ship, man.

    You've been there how long? How many employees have come and gone? How many senior students have seen the light? And here you are, standing there, with that pathetic little red rag around your waist, saying that you've never witnessed any wrong-doing by that Bastard Brown. You, Mr. Goffeney, are much better than this. How long are you going to lie for that man?

    For the record, I am not questioning Brown's abilities as a practitioner - he is one of the most skilled practitioner's one will ever meet - yes i mean ability to fight. For all the people making stupid claims about Brown not knowing martial arts and not being any good and all that - that's all crap. Those are time-wasters and should be ignored. In fact, the only value this stupid discussion has is for those who have been abused and negatively impacted by Brown's insanity. Everyone else should just leave the discussion.

    Look Goffeney,

    It's about Brown's lies after lies after lies after sexual harassment after physical assualt after lies. And you have lowered yourself to being a front man for it all.

    Yes, non-compete clauses are common in business. But Brown's states that he invented all the principles, techniques and drills that he teaches at his school. Is that kosher Bob?

    Which one of his boring cd's covers how he fabricated the teacher Dr. Woo Chin Lee? And how he fabricated fighting the "Yuchia Board" for permission to share the art with the masses until the board relented, realizing that Brown was worthy of such a task? There is no "Yuchia board" Bob. I think your ass is where you need to pull your head from.

    Ask Mr. Shohenher, Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Johnson about their experiences with Brown. You won't because you are more interested in that damn little piece of cloth around your waist than you are with whether or not you are part of something decent.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Goffeney. Just wait until one of your kids realizes how sick it all is - see how much your little sash matters then.

    This isnít the first time youíve posted in a spasm of anger or pique, and then thought better of it later and tried to edit it out of existence. Itís actually something of a habit with you. You create an ID, post once or twice, edit the most extreme vitriol out of your posts, then declare that youíre DONE for good. Until the next time you canít control yourself and create another transparent ID.

    This bit about calling me out by name is pretty goddamned childish. Youíre a classic keyboard warrior, eager to call a man a liar and a coward from behind the safety of a pseudonym. You call me things on this message board that you would be ashamed to say in public to my face.

    Well, I donít have the luxury of a beard behind which to hide. Iím telling you now, as I would were we speaking in person:. Stop. Seriously man, youíre acting like an asshole, and you need to stop. You have issues with Sifu Brown; fine. Calling me out on an internet message board is not the way you want to deal with them. And Iíve already made it plain I donít appreciate people bringing my children into the discussion. What are you going to do next, post Google maps to my house?

    As for me, itís not about the color of the sash around my waist. Read all of my posts; nowhere do I mention my rank. You seem to be the one obsessed with it. As Iíve stated before, I come in to the Dojo to practice, I help out when asked, and then I go home. As you have acknowledged, Sifu Brown is a remarkable martial artist, and I would be a fool not to avail myself of his experience while I can. As for all the rest, Iíll reiterate: I havenít seen it, I havenít experienced it, and neither has my wife, who as Iím sure you know has been a student for longer than I have, and has worked closely with Sifu on many of his related projects. He can be very demanding, and sheís been on the receiving end of his demanding nature, but she has never experienced harassment or abuse.

    Thatís all I can speak to Ė our experiences and observations. We donít look to Sifu Brown to be a spiritual leader, a paragon of humanity, or a guru. We look to him for martial arts instruction, and weíre very happy with the results. Thatís all.

    You need to work out your anger issues with respect to Sifu Brown, and probably not in a public forum. From the tenor of your (original) posts, youíve got a lot of rage built up Ė itís not healthy to keep it in, but it ainít helping you any to spew it all here. Especially at me Ė Iím not sure what you hope to accomplish by abusing me by name here, other than perhaps to amuse all the other anonymous folks on this board. (Not that thereís anything wrong with anonymity; I would have liked to have had the luxury of enjoying it myself for a little longer. Thanks to you, thatís not a possibility for me).

    So, to close: stop. Get help. Leave me the **** alone.
  2. stoodawg is offline


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    Aug 2007
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    9/26/2007 7:16am

    Bullshido Newbie
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Genghis Bob

    So, to close: stop. Get help. Leave me the **** alone.
    Well said, GB!
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