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  1. JFS USA is offline

    Converter of Virgins

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    Aug 2005
    Baltimore, Maryland Area

    Posted On:
    12/19/2005 8:05pm

    Bullshido Newbie
     Style: H'ung Ga & SPM

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by kickcatcher
    John, you aren't a mainstreamer and you aren't a revisionist because there's no need to revise anything if it wasn't fixed in the first place.
    I am now as I have always been ... a heretic.
  2. eyebeams is offline

    Senior Member

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    Feb 2005

    Posted On:
    12/20/2005 2:12pm

     Style: Kickboxing/Grappling

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Judo Chop
    JFS...as a student representitive of the Temple Kung Fu dynasty , Under the guidance and leadership of the renowned Grand Master Simon, I would like to agree with you fully and be as bold to state that you and we are probably of the same mindset and training tradition.
    That's a damn nasty insult, it is.
  3. Locu5 is offline
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    Zombie Herald

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    Feb 2004
    Atlanta, GA

    Posted On:
    12/21/2005 12:20pm

    supporting member
     Style: the beeg

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    So does that mean you are back to play?
    combat sports hobbyist
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