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    12/16/2008 9:26pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    sorry for the mess: but here is some info on the first point sparring matches for karate

    [FONT='Century','serif']he Waseda University [FONT='&#65325](早稲田大学)[/font]came up with a new set of rules in 1952. The same year a competition using these rules was held between the Keiou University[FONT='&#65325](慶応大学)[/font] and the Waseda University[FONT='&#65325](早稲田大学)[/font]judged by the Takushoku University[FONT='&#65325](拓殖大学)[/font]. The Takushoku University[FONT='&#65325](拓殖大学)[/font]revised the rules in 1955 and a competition was held then at the Meiji University [FONT='&#65325](明治大学)[/font]between the Takushoku University[FONT='&#65325](拓殖大学)[/font], the Meiji University [FONT='&#65325](明治大学)[/font]and the Keiou University[FONT='&#65325](慶応大学)[/font]. All three universities were satisfied with the new regulations. The following year the new competition format became accepted by the governing student bodies. As a result, competitions became suddenly wide spread in Japan at all major universities.
    The first national competition for students[FONT='&#65325](第1回全日本大学生空手道選手権大会)[/font]was held on the 30th November of 1957. In total 29 universities participated.[FONT='Century','serif'][1][/font] This was a great success for the new and safer rule system. The Japanese government of education would start to sponsor karate as a “sport”[FONT='Century','serif'][2][/font] and therefore acknowledge karate`s transition form a martial art into a sport. In 1964 the All Japanese Karate Federation [FONT='&#65325](全日本空手道連盟)[/font]was established confirming karate`s status as a sport with the sundome rules.
    [FONT='Century','serif']The match of 1957 is seen as the starting point of sundome competition. [/font]

    [FONT='Century','serif'][1][/font][FONT='&#65325]原耕栄、沖縄伝統空手「手」[/font](Tiy)[FONT='&#65325]の変[/font], p.272-273.

    [FONT='Century','serif'][2][/font][FONT='&#65325]原耕栄、沖縄伝統空手「手」[/font](Tiy)[FONT='&#65325]の変[/font], p.274.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    If you don't want to clean up something before you post it, then don't post it.
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