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    Nov 2005

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    12/05/2005 7:21pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!


    Has anybody tried this new HFR stuff? It's a Nitric Oxide gel that you rub into your muscles before a workout and supposedly it tightens the skin and gives you a more ripped look. The website is www.gethfr.com
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    Posted On:
    12/05/2005 7:27pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    A topical gel to make you more ripped ....

    Excuse me while I ponder this briefly .
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost55 View Post
    Violence is pretty uncommon in clubs in this area, and the dude didn't seem particularly hostile up until the moment he slapped me.
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.


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