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    12/16/2005 5:33pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    http://www.discountanabolics.com/ <---

    Also, supplementing 15-20g of sodium ascorbate can do wonders for energy, recovery, soreness, etc.
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    12/19/2005 6:01pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Equipoise
    You're off a bit with both your biochem and the final explanation of the "phosphagen system" in regards to being of little benefit with lower repetition schemes.
    I'm pretty confident on the biochemistry - every other grad class I've been in seems to have touched on some aspect of glycolysis, TCA or beta-oxidation. But if you have some specific corrections, I'm listening.

    As for phosphagen, I did not sya it was of little benefit with lower reps schemes. I did imply that creatine supplementation is of little benefit for lower reps -because lower reps does not overload the phosphagen system. There are plenty of reports in the literature where creatine does not produce added benefit; in some cases this happens when the exercise is of too short a duration (one, that I remeber off the top of my head, compared a resistance exercise of 6s duration, vs a simlar exercise of 30s. There were no appreciable performance gains for 6s) .

    Quote Originally Posted by Equipoise
    Remember, the intensity of the activity has a lot to do with ATP production, usage and waste excretion.
    Well, ATP production is not regulated by activity - it's regulate pretty tightly by the amount of Pi and ADP.

    However, the substrates used to regenerate ATP are controlled by exercise intensity. Perhaps you should be more clear on what you mean by intensity - maximum voluntary contraction, VO2, lactate threshold? That does greatly affect the energetic system use, and whether creatine can be of significant benefit.

    Not sure what you mean by waste excretion relating to ATP, unless you mean the myokinase system.
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