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    Feb 2003
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    11/29/2005 9:41pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Some fight clips

    Quote Originally Posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".
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    Posted On:
    11/29/2005 9:46pm

    Join us... or die
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I've been going there for a while now. On one of the old old single digit pages is a guy who can punch really really fast. probably __ng __un or something. good **** though.

    Lots of teenage idiots throwing Wild haymakers, and girls pulling each others hair.
    Good times had by all.
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    May 2004

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    11/30/2005 12:14am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    There are some good clips on there but the guy captioning them is always like, "Look at that hit to the pressue point! If you get choked out a piece of plaque from your arteries can give you a stroke! She should have looked into women's self defense!"
    There's no choice but to confront you, to engage you, to erase you. I've gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain. I will use my mistakes against you. There's no other choice.


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