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    11/21/2005 7:57pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Quikfeet509
    Correct. I take them because I want to fit into the little shorts the ring girl is wearing.
    I'll send you the shorts just as soon as I get her out of them. :smile:
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    11/24/2005 6:45am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON
    Multi-Vitamins have an inherent problem in that they contain chemicals that are intended to cancel each other out - take vitamin C and iron for example. When you mix the two (and oxidant and anti-oxidant) you get iron oxide - or rust.

    More expensive vitamins are "controlled release" (NOT time-released, which is a marketing term as oppposed to a medical one.) Controlled released viamins are enrobed in titanium dioxide, which protects the mineral until it is digested by the stomach. This allows incompatable chemcials to be stored together in one pill. Yes - they will cost more, but they are very much worth it.

    mmhmm. this sort of stuff is craazy to learn.especially for those of us who do totally rely on vits and supplements and jazz to get through a regular day in the regime..... and again being waaay too busy to get sick or miss work or training, to combat those minor ails and aches and bugs and things we're sometimes exposed to.... like extra vit c and garlic when cold weather or winter flu comes around........

    What about those effervecent guarana & vit b / c tabs??? I usually do one of those when I first wake up and then again in the afternoon after the 2-3 pm bio-rythmic slide before I kick off my later afternoon nights activity . I totally depended on that kick for a really long time. I also smoke so the extra vit c I was getting was keeping oxygen in my blood and cells and jazz and I could still easily power through up to 5 hrs of workout every night. ... until I found out that the bicarb causing the effervecence was comprimising the acsorbic acid and I was getting waaay less than I realised.. .. lol@ the connotation that once I realised it ceased to work anymore and I still do a mandarine and multi daily on top of that, but just for sake of knowing clearly what I'm doing to my body, definately something I was glad to find out. If anyone else has any of these little points to be aware of re- vits and supplements and clashing and negating each other and jazz, It may be a whole other thread but I for one will definately appreciate the heads up on it .

    cheers l-)

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