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    12/18/2005 4:28am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by BudoBuyu
    I would have used something more akin to dancing. When you're learning to dance it takes time to learn the steps and the basics of dancing. Once you learn them though you have to leave your comfort zone and actually dance in front of a crowd where all the things you've learned now have to be used in succession and for real. One just doesn't keep practicing individual moves and expect to be able to use them for real when you need to. Eventually you have to dance on your own. What happens if you mess up or forget your next move? That can only be learned from actual experience. The more you dance in front of a crowd the more comfortable you get with it. The same could be said of aliveness and sparring.
    Terrible analogy. How about this, who cares? He just used it as an example for the FACTS he was stating. How about you focus on those instead?
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    12/18/2005 6:08pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Dancing in front of a crowd = Fighting ability? WTF?

    Amazing how people still don't get it. Many people complain that the Aliveness argument is moot since everyone seems to train with it. Then we have people comparing it to dancing.
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