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  1. CMS is offline

    Registered Member

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    Jul 2005
    SE Michigan

    Posted On:
    11/04/2005 9:49am

     Style: FMA, JuJitsu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Phung Hwa Do...gesundheit

    Can you keep a straight face whilst perusing this site? http://backkick.com/index.html
  2. Peter H. is offline

    Professional Wrestler

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    Oct 2003
    San Angelo, TX

    Posted On:
    11/04/2005 10:45am

     Style: Aikido-Kickboxing-Taichi

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    That's an odd growth Chuck has on his neck.
    "Quiet fool before I am kicking the butt!"
    -My three year old trash talking to me

    "Integrity can't be bought or sold---you either have it or you don't."
    -The Honky Tonk Man

    "If you can't be a shining example, at least be a dire warning."
    -My Father to me one day

    "No surprise. Until Aikido sheds its street-brawling, thuggish image, it'll never be mainstream."
    -Don Gwinn
  3. D Dempsey is offline
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    Shrek is Love

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    Jan 2005
    Detroit, Michigan

    Posted On:
    11/04/2005 4:07pm

    supporting member
     Style: Judo / Jujitsu (?)

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Holy **** I know that guy. I met him a couple of years back and sat in on one of his classes with my former Karate teachers. What he taught a straight Tang Soo Do with a whole lot of bible reading. None of his students were real impressive, an neither was Bill. He sat in from of the class in a lawn chair critiquing their techniques without ever moving, and was of course incredibly fat. I talked to him afterwards and he talked about a lot of bullshit stuff. His students had an almost cult like devotion to him, talking about how badass he was and how he was ex-special forces. Plus he doesn't allow his students to crosstrain.
  4. unkeejon is offline

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    May 2007

    Posted On:
    6/26/2008 6:52pm

    Bullshido Newbie

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I have taken classes from this guy. Does any body have any info on him. I have the funny feeling he is full of ****.


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