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    11/01/2005 9:14pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by sempi_stone
    My martial arts instructor's first art was boxing :-)

    Thanks, now i have a place to start:

    3 five minute rounds, going for 100 good punches.

    I keep my hands up by habbit now (mostly), because of my teachers who were trained that way by thier teachers. Moo duk kwan is a combat art, we understand, "you drop your hands, you got punched"

    Question about moving the head. What is this for? keeping a moving target i would assume, but assumption is the mother of all (expletive deleted)
    Your assumption is correct.

    I'd worry less about the number of punches and more about throwing GOOD punches for the specified amount of time, unless you're just learning a new punch or combo, then time (the clock) is irrelevant.
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    11/02/2005 12:21pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yeah, quality is definitely more important than quantitiy. One good punch is better than 100 shitty ones on the bag, or in a fight. If you can't crank out 100, do less, but make sure they are good hard, crisp shots. The jabs should have pop. The crosses, hooks, bolos, and overhands should have KO power to them. Once again, if something isn't working, SLOW IT DOWN. Focus on that technique, and don't just grind through it sloppily.

    But once you have it all down, shoot for 100+ punches good per round for cardio. If you can go higher, then do it. I tend to average more like 150 for my early rounds, then go down to about 120 by the latter. I treat the bag like an opponent. I like to visualize attacks coming in, slip them, flurry several comos, angle out, come back in, bob and weave, flurry again. I try to avoid just grinding things out, and really work on explosive flurries. It works quite well for me.
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