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    Dec 2006

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    5/07/2007 2:48pm

     Style: MT,BJJ noob.

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Wow. That one sounds (and looked) nasty. my condolences. What were you trying to do, exactly? Why were you jumping over whatever that was?
  2. Devildog is offline

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    Posted On:
    5/08/2007 12:37pm

     Style: Hwardo

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Were you able to hear the sound in the video, it is wicked and very loud. I was at the end of my black belt test and the last thing I had to do was a jumping side kick over some boxes, land, do a roll over more boxes of the same height. I noticed that the boxes were to close together so I thought I would slow myself down when I landed but obviously that did not work out too well.
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    Posted On:
    10/15/2007 10:26am

     Style: MT/BJJ/JKD/FMA

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    1. Your most recent injury: Fractured left Clavicle, Distal (Ligaments intact)

    2. Cause: Was practicing forward rolls during warm-up for the BJJ class, and smashed the injured area off the ground mid-roll.

    3. Your initial diagnosis: "It feels sore, especially when somebody has me in a lock - must have damaged some ligaments"

    4. Medical diagnosis: Before X-ray - "It's probably just damaged ligaments"
    After X-ray - "It's broken"

    5. Time and place of injury: During a BJJ class (part of JKD club training)

    6. Sensation during occurrence of injury : Had a wee sharp stab of pain at moment of break, so about 5 - it only felt a bit numbish after that (Call it a 1) but everytime a lock was on at the shoulder, there would be noticable pain (call it a 5 in this case).

    7. What activities may have contributed to the likelihood of this injury? Rolling on the ground over the left shoulder.

    8. Method of treatment : A sling, some painkillers and a stern warning to keep my left arm immobile.

    9. Recovery time: Sling came off today after 18 days - been told to avoid anything other than light upper-body work (Which throws bagwork out the window) for three months by the family doctor.

    10: Current status of injury : Injury is now 18 days old, bone on the top of the shoulder protudes a bit more compared to the other shoulder. Feels a bit stiff when I move it, but otherwise I don't feel anything - Less than 1.

    11. Please state your style of MA (including the style you were practicing when the injury occurred): Jeet Kune Do - was doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when the injury occurred.

    12. £0
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