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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Warriorschool and the Tucson Booj (Prather)

    I trained with Prather and co. in Tucson (ex-booj) years ago. I even dabbled in WarriorCult for a time in my youth until it got seriously weird.

    The man is a criminal. Even a cursory search on google will present you with the full story. He was fired from the DEA for sexual misconduct, falsifying timecards, misuse of government weapons, misuse of government vehicle, lying, the list goes on and on. He claims he was Special Forces but was never tabbed and never went thru the Q course. He was in the 2 shop (an intel nerd).

    He sleeps with his students (dare I say rapes?) and has an ego the size of texas. And now he's migrated his Warriorschool Cult of Exorcisms to a more marketable Warriorschool of 'shooting and tactics'... he's also on local radio and generally is trying to rebrand himself.

    I've been traveling a great deal for work in recent years (currently an ACTUAL federal agent) and now moved back to Arizona. I was wondering if anyone had any recent run-ins with his klan of warrior exorcists and ninjas. lol.

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