I had to read and LMAF ! in January 1990 I met Chris Hunter that is Ashida Kim's real name I was in Fl and had emailed and asked him what the story was with BDFS I was in really really good shape was studying shoot fighting at the time , he kept saying he could be meet with me and maybe teach the dance of the Deadly hands etc hah so my wife and I drive out into rural Fl we wanted to go fishing in the Glades anyway .
We arrive and this tiny little man who was really greasy unwashed answered the door there was a fighting man Dummy on a stand up frame he asked me to demonstrate my skilled I had tried to get him to do anything uke tori type goshinjustsu skills anything no please demonstrate your Skills on the Dummy lol I kicked it and the entire stand dummy everything flew through the door and into his Kitchen which was behind a little paper /bamboo shade .
My wife calls him Rat man because he sincerely resembles a human rat not trying to be a jerk just fact biggest fraud ever lol was going to Grade me for the BDFS , I just had to demonstrate the dance of the deadly hands he was like why else would you come here , totally lost on him guys just strait fraud not even a hint of credibility .