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Thread: My Next Fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Lau
    From the UG

    Ivan Menjivar is a badass!

    I've been saying it all along, and continue to do so. I fought Ivan last night, and he whooped my ass. No excuses: I just didnt have enough together to win the fight. He finished the fight with the calf slicer, but the fight was won with a solid elbow he landed while in the clinch, that put me on queer street. Huge congrats to Ivan.

    Here is my account of the fight, and bear in mind, I was eating knees and elbows througout it.

    Starts off and I have a good reach advantage, so I am hitting him as he covers up, nothing really getting through. He throws at me, but I think I was just out of punching range. He throws a kick to the body that I catch, and I try to take him down. We start fighting in the clinch. I try another takedown and he counters and cross faces me, spins me and he lands in mount with an arm around my head like a guillotine. He cant hit me because I'm holding him tight. I fight out and get back to my knees and then back up to my feet. Back to fighting in the clinch. He lands a few glancing knees to my head, not landing too hard. He lands a REALLY good right elbow, and drops me for a second knocking me silly. I get back to my feet and I'm backing up, with Ivan chasing after me. I shoot again, eat a few hammer fists and then get his leg high off the ground, but cant finish. I still have his leg, and he starts working a Kimura on me, and I roll through. As Ivan starts coming up to his knees, I turn into him quick and start to triangle, but he gets his head back at the last second, and I switch to the omoplata. I'm trying to finish it, but I'm still all screwed up from the elbow and just can't. Ivan stands and I leglace him but cant finish, so I turn up to my knees trying to get up. Ivan jumps and tries to take my back... gets one hook in but I stop the other. He rolls and put me in a banana split, and then a calf slicer. I was in this for about 25 seconds, fighting it off, only to have him lock it back in. It was hurting a lot, but I wasn't going to tap if it was just hurting and not doing damage. But when he locked it in the last time, I felt my knee "pulling apart", and it freaked me out, so I tapped.

    I had a great time, and Apex put on an excellent show. I do look forward to hopefully fighting for them again in the future.

    Looking at myself, I see a lot of things to work on, starting with the clinch! I lost the fight in the clinch, I felt like a fish out of water, and that has to change. I was submitted with a calf slicer, but I lost the fight when he connected (and dropped me) with the elbow in the clinch.

    Ivan was a super nice guy, smile on his face from the weigh-ins on Friday until I saw him when we both were going to the bathroom before we started to get ready. Absolutely as nice as they come.

    And of course, I have to thank all my guys who helped me train: Team Aggression. This means everyone from RSD and SSSF, you all helped me get my cardio way up, and I felt as ready as I could have been. Also a big thanks to Drew Fickett and Rick Caldwell for helping me get my diet and weight in order, to make the cut (which was hell, and I dont know if I would have made it without their help).

    And a big thanks to as well. Phil is great, and really does a lot to help me out. They are having a sale right now, t-shirts for 9.99, and 2 bucks from each sale goes to the American Red Cross, to help with the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina.

    How did you like Montreal Joe?
    I haven't been there since my Kyokushin / MT days, is the "hardcore" MA scene still pretty good?
    Got love that way everythign goes in Montreal, as opposed to anally constipated Ontario...
    You should see the matches on the Indian reserves, old school VT.

    Anyways, ever in Ontario, let ud know, the Toronto chapter of Bullshido will buy you some beers and throw some hookers through your hotel window.

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    That was a really nice write up. Keep up the training and thanks.

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