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    12/20/2011 2:55pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I trained with Sensei Ochiai until I was 19 and then off and on for another few years after that. He always treated me kindly and gave me enough quality training to help make sure I knew what to look for when I moved to Okinawa. He also helped me develop enough "sport-karate" technique to compete successfully at the national level. His karate style wasn't a good long-term fit for me personally, but I never questioned his technical level and didn't see his background as relevant provided he could teach properly. His stories, whether true or not, served as inspiration and I was happy to hear them.

    I'm sorry to see this thread, but I hope that it gives people an opportunity to respond and to get their questions answered regarding the history of Washin-ryu. I personally still admire and respect him after being separated from his organization for many years. He is a positive influence on many people and I hope this weighs as heavily as the apparent skepticism in this thread.
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    9/29/2012 3:43pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    whats amazing is Ochiai never ever provides any photos training in Japan or photos of his master. Why does he not provide any photos of his martial arts temple training, with his karate master, pics of his master like everyone else and out of respect have photos of his so called master in his schools....what a fuking joke he has little man complex, full of ****, and fraud...anyone ever see photos of ochiai and his so called wasshin ryu master????
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