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    18:37] just hedgehogey: PREPARE FOR BUNKAI FLOOD
    [18:37] FlangWangler: FULL POWER TO FORWARD SHIELDS
    [18:38] just hedgehogey: yarg (Link: http://www.sportmultimedia.com/karat...i-fukazawa.jpg
    [18:39] just hedgehogey: NERDY KARATEKA DOING SOMETHING INCOMPREHENSIBLE (Link: http://www.uga.edu/karatedo/images/brad_john_bunkai.jpg
    [18:39] just hedgehogey: GRARG (Link: http://www.luton-karate.co.uk/Main/P...201%20copy.jpg
    [18:40] FlangWangler: Is, is he superimposed?
    [18:40] just hedgehogey: superdeformed more like it
    [18:41] just hedgehogey: GROOH? (Link: http://www.frill.org/mtb/bunkai/bunkai5.jpg
    [18:42] FlangWangler: ...dfgFgd?
    [18:42] just hedgehogey: BWOOOOG! (Link: http://www.kokondo.com/pin2buna.jpg)...m/pin2buna.jpg
    [18:43] just hedgehogey: GWOOP? (Link: http://www.gymnastics-tech.com/dai-z...tyu-bunkai.jpg
    [18:44] just hedgehogey: KRARLDWARLGRAR (Link: http://www.shin-gi-tai.dk/var/photo/...ai_nagashi.jpg
    [18:44] FlangWangler: [18:43] Aesopian: I have to put up with this while hedge "dickgirl" hogey sends me a flood of bunkai photos while making me interpret hapkido videos for him since he seems to be operating a Windows 2.3 machine.
    [18:44] Shumagorath: The whole Shaolin-Do tape that never happened was the fault of his computer sucking.
    [18:46] just hedgehogey: just for that, the river will divert it's course to him too
    [18:47] FlangWangler:
    Knowing when to keep kata basic,
    and knowing when to add bunkai,
    is a sign of experience in action.

    [18:48] just hedgehogey: he...he signed off!

    [18:48] just hedgehogey: I guess that's Ma-Ai
    [18:48] FlangWangler: [18:46] Shumagorath: I would just tell him your codecs are broken.
    [18:46] Aesopian: [18:46] just hedgehogey: just for that, the river will divert it's course to him too
    [18:46] Shumagorath: **** YOU
    [18:46] Shumagorath: HOW DO I GET BACK TO INTERNET
    [18:47] Shumagorath: WHAT SI A COMPUTARR???
    [18:48] just hedgehogey: I CAN KILL WITH A WORD
    [18:48] just hedgehogey: USUL NO LONGER NEEDS THE WEIRDING MODULE
    [18:49] FlangWangler: (Link: http://mmalibrary.com/vis_emne.asp?id=8867&mode=
    [18:54] just hedgehogey: RING THE BELLS OF WAR (Link: http://mapage.noos.fr/goshinbudokai/image1.gif
    [18:57] just hedgehogey: URNGRURGL! (Link: http://www.portaskarate.org/graphics..._bunkai-lg.gif
    [18:57] FlangWangler: Is he striking with his wrist?
    [18:57] FlangWangler: Or is that a penis?
    [18:58] just hedgehogey: it's one of those pictures that begs for a gay joke

    [18:58] just hedgehogey: with it's ass in the air, cheeks spread wide

    [18:58] just hedgehogey: like the goatse man
    [18:58] FlangWangler: That reminds me, you still need to destroy NHB.
    [18:59] just hedgehogey: yes. I'm having a technical problem, wherein my powers have not yet been activated
    [18:59] just hedgehogey: KUZUSHI URGLECRUNK?! (Link: http://www.wuitbf.com/kvn-seite/uplo...487c.jpeg.jpeg
    [19:01] just hedgehogey: FAP?

    (Link: http://www.kiiya.co.jp/company/image/nature_bunkai.gif
    [19:02] FlangWangler: Yes.
    [19:03] just hedgehogey: REALLY?

    (Link: http://torso.moe-nifty.com/venus/images/bunkai01_tn.jpg
    [19:03] FlangWangler: OH YES
    [19:03] just hedgehogey: BYOOG!

    (Link: http://www.funakoshi.de/bilder/B-DAN...Wurf_CW_MJ.jpg
    [19:05] just hedgehogey: KROTTY GRAPPLE (Link: http://www.karate-dojo-speyer.de/ima...unkai_1_03.JPG
    [19:07] just hedgehogey: TRIPLE WOOGLE!

    (Link: http://www.karate-dojo-offenburg.de/...unkai_65kb.jpg
    [19:10] just hedgehogey: YOOOOGGG!

    (Link: http://www.whitewall.fsnet.co.uk/pete-photo1.jpg
    [19:10] just hedgehogey: WUMPLRAR!

    (Link: http://www.shotoryukarate.co.uk/images/viv3.jpg
    [19:11] just hedgehogey: I hope you're taking this down, missy
    [19:11] FlangWangler: It's all being logged.
    [19:12] just hedgehogey: WILDLY INNAPROPRIATE (Link: http://www.raidenbudokai.nl/images/s...shan_03_10.jpg
    [19:13] just hedgehogey: BWEEP!

    (Link: http://www.karateaubenas.net/album/a...vi_image14.jpg
    [19:13] FlangWangler: This single video tops everything you have sent me: (Link: http://videos.wingtsunwelt.de/media/...defence_11.mpg
    [19:13] just hedgehogey: seen it.
    [19:14] just hedgehogey: YOOO!

    (Link: http://www.koryu-uchinadi.com/patric15.jpg
    [19:15] just hedgehogey: GLOOOON!

    (Link: http://www.toyei.com/JJ2.jpg
    [19:16] just hedgehogey: WOOOOOJ!

    (Link: http://www.wadoryu.org.uk/nameashi.jpg

    [19:16] just hedgehogey: GOOTLETRUNT!

    (Link: http://www.discpro.org/gallery/album.../aai.thumb.jpg
    [19:17] just hedgehogey: finally BRRRAAARR!

    (Link: http://www.shoryukan.com/Topics/Merc...otos/vid07.gif
    [19:19] FlangWangler: This has been a Magical Journey.
    [19:19] just hedgehogey: IF YOU EVER WANNA GO ON THIS JOURNEY AGAIN
    [19:19] just hedgehogey: JUST HIT YOUR GENITALS WITH A HAMMER
    [19:26] just hedgehogey: now send it all back to me
    [19:27] FlangWangler: Isn't it a little too soon to relive the magic?
    [19:27] just hedgehogey: so I can post the crossnut fuckwise, surprising multiple beef whistles in the embarrased cuntgape
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    "The only important elements in any society
    are the artistic and the criminal,
    because they alone, by questioning the society's values,
    can force it to change."-Samuel R. Delany



    It seems that the only people who support anarchy are faggots, who want their pathetic immoral lifestyle accepted by the mainstream society. It wont be so they try to create their own.-Oldman34, friend to all children

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Goddamn, Hegde is my god.
    Best Vietnam War music video I've ever seen put together by a vet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDY8raKsdfg


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