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  1. Kempoist is offline

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    Jul 2002
    Denver, Colorado

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    8/12/2002 6:48pm

     Style: Kempo, Catch Wrestling

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Anyone from Denver knows about this guy. Now I'm not saying he's a Mcdojo for running a successful business...or even that the school is called Karate when he actually teaches TKD (Karate has become pretty much a generic term).

    What I beleve elevates Mr. Oliver to McDojo status is his glut of 9 year old 4th degree black belts. I'm not talking a person who's been a 4th degree for 9 years...I'm talking about a 9 year old who is a 4th degree. This guy is the epitomy (sic?) of the BB factory. 3 year contracts with heavy penalties for early cancellation are standard. for a while he said he was an 8th degree but when several local MA's called him on the self-promotion he demoted himself to 7th.

    Here's the icing on the cake. When he opened a school in Boulder Colorado he ran an ad looking for instructors. The kicker? the ads last line stated "No martial arts training required."
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    Posted On:
    8/12/2002 8:52pm

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     Guy Who Pays the Bills and Gets the Death Threats Style: MMA (Retired)

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Good find. Make sure you submit them in the Links section as a McDojo.


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