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  1. daishi is offline

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    Mar 2010

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    4/06/2014 7:39pm

     Style: Aikido/JJJ/Judo/GoJu Ryu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm blessed in that my martial arts federation has two styles of aikido, plus just about everyone cross trains between aikido, karate, judo/jujitsu, or some combination.We even have several guys that train outside our organization in tai chi, Kung fu, escrima, BJJ, jidokwan, GoJu, etc...and if someone wants to practice something from their outside training, if it makes sense, we will spend at least some time doing it. Our wed and Fri judo/Jujistu class is informally a BJJ class as the guy that runs that is a BJJ shodan or first kyu. We've done a little escrima just for fun...not sure if we've ever done any of the stuff from the Chinese stuff a couple of the guys do (I think those places are all forms and they do them for health reasons).

    We had an 8th Yoshinkan instructor come in from Japan. This guy is either late 60's or early 70's. He threw me so hard I couldn't hear out of my left ear for like 20 seconds.... and I have very good ukemi. Impressive man...he's given his entire life to his martial art, and he just has that air of presence that people tend to have when they are great at something.
  2. gileanofgrey is offline

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    Posted On:
    2/19/2015 9:21am

     Style: shotokan karate, iaido

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    To add some background to the story I am going to share I have taken a variety of martial arts since I was four, my primary styles were karate and judo until I started bujinkan in my late 20's, this is where my story begins.

    As i've mentioned in other posts before the reason I started martial arts is due to the huge influx of martial arts movies during the 80's specifically the ones around ninjitsu like american ninja and ninja 3 the domination. Bare in mind I am like 4, 5, 6 years old and I see these things and I am like cool I want to learn it so I start martial arts.

    Anyhow if I continue with the above it's going to become a different post so what got me to walk out. So I took bujinkan for a few years, and maybe about a year or two ago we had some new students come in and they were younger they were teenagers and I was working with one of them on omote gyuku dori *excuse the spelling* and he said " I can't imagine pulling off this move in real life" and i'll admit I tried...not to explain but to see if it were possible and I wasn't able to...but that wasn't what got me to walk out...not yet anyway.

    The following class my sensei decided we should do some randori with the clause of take it easy it's about "technique" at that point I was thinking...even if I perfect the technique the likelyhood of catching someone in something like this would be nigh impossible...short of them being stunned I just don't see it... so anyhow we start with the randori and the guy I am sparring with decides he wants to take it up a notch and start punching faster than my ability to get any of the typical "holds" we are taught...so okay fine...

    Here's where I just stopped: He throws a punch which instead of doing our typical block I kick him in the gut with a side kick, which stuns him enough for me to punch him twice, grab his arm for an ipon seionage and then as he's falling proceed to go into an armbar *I have a background in judo*

    My sensei flips his lid and says " I know you have a background in other styles and I know that you've been doing it for a long time but you need to start transitioning into more of what we do".

    Had I done anything that he suggested or even tried I would have gotten hurt, furthermore if "technique" was the point my technique was flawless if i were able to do the above. I don't know if it was the rigid mentality of it all or the reliazation that although the techniques look great and would work, the circumstances in which you would need to find yourself in for them to work is too miniscule and unrealistic.

    So now I'm not training besides weight training although I do intend to join a karate dojo nearby which also offers iaido and go back to my roots...to me it's not about being "good" in a fight...I just want to go back to the thing that I love which was train for the sake of training and feeling good that im learning and growing...

    I should also mention as a person I love my sensei, he's a great guy but I just don't have it in me to tell him im done...this of course only a few weeks after he made me a shidan...
  3. gold_ax666 is offline

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    Mar 2009

    Posted On:
    2/23/2015 12:17pm

     Style: MMA BJJ TKD

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    I'll have a piece of this thread...

    1994- Stepped into my first Shotokan Club after several years of getting bullied at school/ low self esteem etc. Did kata for about 2 years. Thought this was how it is done (i.e. Mr. Miyagi style). one day the instructor (4th degree BKA) said we would do some free sparring. As an exhuberant 16 year old I stood opposite a similar graded belt who, from the off, did a jump front kick, no contact at all, got awarded a point and that was it done. 2 years. 10 seconds of sparring. Left to go to university and only regretted those 2 years after realising what was what in MA...

    1996- went off to university. Couldn't find a shotokan school. Found ITF TKD and Wing Chun school. Flipped a coin and got TKD. Didn't know much about the styles back then but strongly feel that lady luck smiled upon me that day...

    Rate my instructor. Rate his ability. Rate his teaching methods. We did good, solid sparring. We had guest instructors regularly from thai boxing, boxing, kick boxing, Jiu Jitsu and senior grades came to our little town for seminars too.

    Don't rate the cost of official ITF seminars/ equipment etc. Don't rate the light contact that can be encouraged in some competitions. Don't rate the limitation of the style when compared to cross training with MMA/ BJJ/ Thai etc.

    I don't train in this anymore. I Regret that my instructor is bound to train under certain guidelines as he really is a life mentor for me having seen me through tough times since I was 18 years old (I'm now nearly 37). He is about 60 now and I would be delighted to go rounds with him and land one decent kick or punch! The guy really leads from the front which is an example to all of us.

    2011ish- decided to go to a local JJJ class for a bit of cross training fun. My experience in the beautiful ground game at that point consisted of several sessions in a (badly) matted garage with a mate of mine who went to Helsinki for a few months and trained in the GB gym out there.

    Did randori on 2nd or 3rd session. Handled myself fine against coloured belts. Instructor (who was not exactly a shining example of fitness) stepped up to put me in my place and we stalemated. I wanted him to own me. Show me technique that would satiate my thirst for learning. He didn't. Had I have been able to strike I feel like I would have spilled his blood. I left very disappointed indeed. Was it a mcdojo? Not sure. Their techniques were 'real' enough. When applied they worked. The training was too compliant and the association placed very little emphasis on competing.

    2012ish- conversely- went to local MMA gym. Guy has many years experience in Hun Gar (I believe this is how it is spelled) and a very short lineage to founder. He trained for about 7 years with Braulio Estima in BJJ and also in kickboxing too before even considering teaching an MMA syllabus to the public and that experience, coupled with ABILITY to teach and desire to share information gave me the pleasure of learning from an amazing instructor who was very technical.

    This school I advocate immensely and he has gone on to produce title holders accordingly. Awesome gym. Awesome guys. Awesome instructor.

    The difference this makes cannot be quantified in words. It has to be experienced to truly understand what a good school/ instructor really is.

    Enjoy your training people :)
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