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  1. Sharp Phil is offline

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    Aug 2002
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    8/05/2002 2:08pm

     Style: Liu Seong Gung Fu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    My review of Keith Pascal's book, "How To Teach Martial Arts More Effectively," appears here...


    ...on my web page.

    As a student rather than a teacher, you may think it doesn't apply to you -- but I got a lot out of this book, and I think you will too. You may find that there are things you could ask of your current teacher(s) that would make your training better, or you'll be able to recognize the signs of a truly devoted and innovative instructor. Either way, you'll be a better student after you've read it.

    - Phil


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  2. 9chambers


    Posted On:
    8/05/2002 5:18pm


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    This is a good article to read too. :)


    my kung fu eeeeeees better than yours!


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