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    12/24/2004 11:49am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    W3rd to ronin.
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    12/30/2004 6:49am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Studies done show that maximum force and speed are avaiable in the first 3 punches of any series, after that, a substancial decrease in power is noticed.

    So, drill combos with 3 strikes max, rather than trying to throw 10 shots.
    Drill strikes with body behind EVERY strike, relax and explode, expolosivness can't be stated enough.
    Learn to expolde with movement from stillness.

    Aye, thanks, thats what Ive been looking for.

    On a side note, should I do the reps in my ST training in an "explosive" way or not? wouldnt it increase the risk of injuries?

    Oh, BTW, I will we doing this training recommended by Dotcher (of course, after a couple of motnhs of soft weight lifting to get accustomed again to train with weights) and kickboxing three times a week (on alternate days).
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