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    1/22/2003 12:12am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Teacher unleashes judo attack on pupil

    Mainichi Shimbun, Jan. 18, 2003

    NIIGATA -- A black belt-holding teacher has offered a formal apology to the parents of a boy he hurled in a vicious judo throw and then stood on his face, giving him a bloody nose, the Mainichi learned Saturday. The 50-something male teacher admits he went too far in punishing the sixth grade public elementary school pupil during a physical education class in November last year.

    "Complete responsibility for the incident lies with our school," the principal of the school said. "To restore trust in us, we reported the incident fully to the parents and will do all in our power to make sure something like this doesn't happen again."

    School officials said the incident occurred during an after-school physical education session being held by the teacher on Nov. 21. The teacher and pupils were talking about professional wrestling. The teacher wrapped his legs around the boy's body and lifted him in the air, hurting him and making the boy cry. The boy got angry, picked up a broom and rushed across to the teacher, smashing him over the shoulder. Furious, the teacher picked up the boy, heaved him over his shoulder in a savage judo throw and dumped him, back first, onto the ground. He then put his foot down on the boy's face, giving him a bloody nose. The teacher has a black belt in judo.

    Kungfoolss, Scourge of the theory-based stylists, Most Feared man at Mcdojo.com, and the Preeminent Force in the martial arts political arena

    Kungfoolss, Scourge of the theory-based stylists, Most Feared man at Bullshido.com, and the Preeminent Force in the martial arts political arena
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    1/22/2003 1:12am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I'm sure the little **** deserved it
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    1/22/2003 1:19am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Who the **** cares about the teacher or the student? What I'm concerned about is the broom. I mean, ****, what the **** did it do to deserve that?



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