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  1. TheBeast is offline

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    Jan 2003

    Posted On:
    1/08/2003 6:15am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    When is it? I heard 9 th of January.
  2. Mercurius is offline
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    Wandering Daoist

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    Jun 2002

    Posted On:
    1/09/2003 12:14am

    supporting member
     Style: Karate, Wrestling

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I guess I'll have to look for the "Mixed Martial Artist Torn in Half" headline on the 10th, then...

    Clap your hands everybody,
    if you got what it takes
    'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow
    and I want you to know
    that these are the breaks!
    "The morning glory blooms for an hour. It differs not at heart from the giant pine, which lives for a thousand years."
  3. J-kid is offline

    Senior Member

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    Oct 2002
    washington state

    Posted On:
    1/09/2003 4:10am

     Style: MMA-Vale Tudo

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    BOB SAPP IS THE BEAST, he eats MMA for dinner LOL, There proble gonna put don frye agaist him (aka gaint killer) this fight will be one sided.
    Once a fighter, Always a fighter. Shawn
    -Styles i train in-
    Western boxing


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