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    12/06/2005 4:29pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by old1o1
    Bob Carver had a mixed past, and not in a bad way. He did a little of this and little over the twenty-five years or so. But I beleive he has become a very focused man, especially with Muay Thai, and avidly supports the system. His knowledge, and training, and experiments in other systems makes him a valueable resource for instruction. Probably one of the earliest proponents of Mixing in his neck of the woods, whether he knew it or not.
    Are you making cryptic references to a shady past, or just the fact that as an Inosanto/JKD guy, Mr Carver is qualified/certified in more than one art, but now concentrates on MT?
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    12/07/2005 10:52am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Moi, cryptic! Nope! MT, I beleive, is his calling.
    JKD? Show me the JKD manual, and I'll show another that contradicts it. See Mr. Tackett's site and then visit another JKD site.
    Carver went about trying to create an open martial community in a town when most locals were very protective of their "secrets"(laugh here). Many distrusted the man for their own paranoid reasons and nothing else. In my view he did little wrong with the exception of the early days, when many many felt his instruction was unfocused. Changing the menu on students was unsettling to many. But we all know you can't and shouldn't please everyone. He is today deservidly well recognized for the promotion of MT. No bones here.

    Curbing, well that's just plain mean.
    Although, dentists find it profitable.
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