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    Quote Originally Posted by herb View Post
    Understood. I guess what I am asking is how could anyone find proof? I highly doubt they would admit they are not legit or bought belts.
    You ask them pointed questions in some sort of verifiable format(such as email). That way you have a record that can be demonstrated.

    Quote Originally Posted by herb View Post
    Should I contact them and ask them if they are legit black belts? The other stuff I mentioned is proven bullshit. I guess maybe it is just a matter of getting them to fabricate more things or admit something or retract some of those claims?
    You haven't proven anything or supplied any proof of anything to this point. It is what people have been trying to tell you for three pages of this thread so far. Many of the things that you claim are proven false claims could have entirely innocuous answers, such as bad website management.

    Quote Originally Posted by herb View Post
    I really was not aware that it is a normal timeline to go from blue belt to black belt in 3 years, especially without super skills or a good competition record. I can send them an e-mail and ask if their bullshit is bullshit lol, I still dont think it would address the issue of being a true legit black belt. Thanks again for the help and advice.
    Timeline from blue to black belt would really depend on the amount of training that one puts in. Competition doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with it to be honest. There are BJJ guys that have been known to put in 4 sessions per day, for more than 8hrs of training each day six days a week... You don't really think that they are going to progress at the same rate as someone how only puts in three sessions per week do you? What about someone who started wrestling when they were five and then went on to get a high rank in Sambo of Judo, do you expect them to have as long of a journey in BJJ from white belt to black belt as someone who has never grappled before? You are getting way WAY too caught up on time frames and instead of technical ability. As has been demonstrated they compete against other legit black belts and hold their own. So for the buying belts claim... Unless you have rock solid proof let it go. Seriously it is entirely possible, considering that Wade Barden claims to have started BJJ at 18, it is entirely possible that he simply lived at the gym.

    Let's see...
    You question their records.
    1) You do realize that people often do not count their BJJ wins and losses in their MMA records right? Example look up Andre Pimenta. Sherdog has him with an MMA record of 2-0, or look at Andre Galvao, sherdog lists him as 5-2, but a gander at his wiki page lists a slew of medals in ADCC and IBJJF. Now I can show you a picture of him with all the BJJ medals he won in 2016, some are silver and even bronze... Clearly he lost some BJJ matches along the way. They are just two different things.
    2) You could actually ask them about their MMA records. Who they fought, when they fought, where they fought.

    You question whether or not they have trained champions. Ask them who they trained, and equally important to what capacity they trained them. Where they fought, who they fought, when they fought.

    You may also want to inform them that they are an item of discussion here, and invite them to join in.

    In the meantime I would suggest that you stop speaking about suppositions as if they are verified facts.

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    Thanks again, I appreciate the advice and I totally understand what you are saying.

    About Wade Barden he does not mention an MMA record, he specifically says.. "holding a 3-0 record in super fight challenges." The video of his loss was in a super fight challenge. But it is quite possible that he just hasnt updated his site since then.

    Nic Huebing says a 3-0 MMA record, and sherdog showed 1 amature fight, it is very possible they were small venues and just not listed there. The one thing that is clearly strange is claiming 16 years of training on one page and 25 years of training on another. Again it could just be a typo or mistake on his part I have no clue.

    I really am not concerned about any of that stuff other than it possibly being a pattern of not being truthful or accurate. The only thing I was really concerned about is if they are legit black belts. I will take your advice and suggestions and report any findings.

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