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He definitely recycles material and re-uses the same tropes over and over...when I first tried (and failed) reading this book through, I couldn't do it. I got sick of reading over and over about how everything was the fault of "sportists".

"AL-KATA", the next essay about a book on martial arts found in the apartment of one of the 9/11 hijackers, is an essay on how you can't learn martial arts from books (OK), but also a treatise on why no one should fear a "radical raghead" (ugh) who learned from a book.

He essentially makes it sound like if Allan Ondash got his hands on a 9/11 hijacker, he'd work them over. I have a feeling Allan Ondash would end up headless, instead. Stay tuned, this essay is one of the shorter ones (1 page).
I'd say if someone got a decent book on say, MMA, and actually trained simple stuff, and got even somewhat proficient, they would have a definite advantage over an untrained soccer mom (or dad) on an airplane.

Whether or not Ondash would be able to handle himself well and prevail or not, we will 99.99999999999999% never know, just like the rest of us who do not work in LE, military, etc.

The fact he obsesses over it is pretty telling.